Celestial Access                                                           accessing knowledge from the heavens, heart to heart, soul to soul, revealing the creative being within

Enveloped in a dream state and feeling a connection to the other side Pam Jackson has always been fascinated with what was truly behind the veil.  Her quest began early in life in hopes of discovering the connection between her and the many free-spirited encounters she experienced.  So with an active imagination in one hand and a strong desire to know more in another, Pamella began spirit hopping from one conference to another in hopes of finding answers to her never-ending questions. 

This golden path Pam traveled led to many areas of study including energetic healing, naturopathic and homeopathic remedies, kinesiology, dowsing, toning, chanting and many forms of meditation all with the goal of embracing the divinity within.  However, it was Pamella’s visionary and empathetic nature along with her automatic writing skills that gave her a glimpse into other dimensions. 

Pam’s strong desire to connect with the infinite possibilities life has to offer led to the birth of Celestial Access, a multi-dimensional company that offers innovative ways of changing your life while embracing the path God has chosen for you.