Celestial Access                                                           accessing knowledge from the heavens, heart to heart, soul to soul, revealing the creative being within

Golden Age Daydream
Golden hues of light captivate an audience of beings as they soar through the glorious sky to their destination of choice.  Dipping in and out of the heavens was a normal occasion as a host of Angelic beings with an iridescent glow begin to glide across a pristine field of lavender.

Mesmerized by the aroma that flooded their soul, the light beings continued their flight, guided only by the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit.  Floating in, through and around the universe, love envelops the souls as the gentle whispers transform it into a loving nudge.  The free flowing spirits are instantly transported to another part of their reality, one that resembles Mother Earth.  Miraculously, in this world, Earth is glowing with luminescent buildings that have no outer structure but a stronger foundation as they stand on the power of love and light.

The gentle nudge that was felt a moment ago now turns into a gravitational pull towards one building in particular.  You can tell the purpose of each of the buildings by the color of their aura.  This edifice transmits a radiant glow with each loving touch from all the beings who reside within. The loving touch then begins to emit pulsating energies through the heart chakra of all who chose to embody this energy. Waves of emerald green anchor into the center of each individual who chooses to draw closer to the heart of God.  A musical inspiration begins to transpire within, uncontrollable passion and undeniable love envelops the soul to a higher state of consciousness where that Divine Source resides.  Onward and upward they go, traversing through a field of light, traveling to the song of God.   As the breath of the divine begins to quicken inside, souls emerge to embrace the newfound birth within.  The birth is of oneness, interconnection and love.

There are of course more creative spaces to visit while in this Golden Age realm but for now let’s enjoy the presence of our connection to one another.  As we embody this song of oneness our daydream can continue…


Image courtesy of Idea Go/FreedigitalPhotos.net
Visualization Portal

I have been told on numerous occasions that my destiny and mission in life is, among other things, to take my audience through the visualization portal known as films.  However, as most humans making the transition from 4th to 5th dimension, there was resistance on my part and it all stemmed from not fully believing I AM who God said I AM.  But the walls of resistance are finally coming down and the Stargate leading to my miraculous life is within my reach.  But first I must fully disengage from the lower reality where doubt and fear reside, doing so means going on a journey into the portals of my mind where stagnant emotions and limiting thought-forms can consciously be released.  Now with the aid of my internal video camera, let’s begin. 

It’s just before dawn when the world is quiet and your thoughts are as focused as the energy that surrounds you.  As the silence persists, you are led to the bathroom mirror, where the harsh and revealing light forces you to refocus your internal vision so that this lucid energy passes through with ease and grace.  What do you see?  It’s clear there’s no place to hide and in order to pass this initiation you have to examine yourself without the mask.  Is it a task you accept willingly or are you expecting to receive high marks for your looks alone?  Personally, I choose to take a deeper look within the depths of my soul where I’m sure to find the God within so desperately trying to manifest in every nook and cranny of my life.  Despite my internal filter, the light from the mirror steadily becomes harsher, quickly picking up aspects of myself trying to hide until it’s safe to put my survival mask on again.  But with each passing second, all my flaws are revealed, there’s no turning back now.  The level of expectancy is high and my breathing takes an unpredictable turn as I surrender to this mystical energy.  There’s no place like now to accept the divinity within and embrace the Divine Plan.  Now as I continue to look deeper into the mirror of my soul, familiar faces begin to celebrate my victory of crossing the threshold.  Who are these people looking back at me?  As quickly as that question came, the answer was given through a smile from one familiar face that seemed to be amused by my bewilderment.  And within that one moment, a spark of familiarity emerged – I AM the one looking back at me.

It’s all clear now because in order to step into your own power you must accept all aspects of yourself and the part they play in your life today.  No longer do I wish to forget the past, instead it’s my duty to embrace the many chosen paths I have traveled and in turn embrace the many lifetimes I have lived.  Now as the White Light of the Holy Spirit cradles my soul, I can forgive the unforgivable and allow all of my innate gifts and talents from all aspects of myself to fully dissolve into my present state of being.  I AM whole once again. 

My vision becomes dark and blurry once again and I’m forced to manually adjust the iris on my internal camera.  There, it’s clear once again.  So are you brave enough to look at all aspects of yourself and embrace all that you were meant to be?  If so then quickly step into the visualization portal where you will first encounter the all revealing mirror of truth.  You’ll notice at first that you will only steal quick glances at yourself, but longer stares are warranted for this demonstration.  In doing so, a golden pathway will emerge from within and lead to the magical and miraculous life you were meant to live.  My own golden brick road leads to the spectacular world where dreams are revealed and the birth of spirit guides are witnessed by millions of movie enthusiasts.  See you at the movies!

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Mighty Swords of God!

It was a glorious moment in time when a great ball of white light plummeted from the heavens spreading across all universes in anticipation of the great arrival.  From this moment forth, Heaven and Earth bowed as Seven Swords began to emerge one at a time from the white sphere of light within the center of the universe.  The quest to this dimensional place and time was with great effort and motivation as dimensional timelines had to be severed, terrains traversed while space and time intertwined just in time to greet the Mighty Seven Swords of God. 

Suddenly, a form began to take shape within the light that gave credence to God’s Divine Plan.  The Sword of Faith in all its glory blessed the world with pure acceptance of the divinity within.  New realities are now free to form as the Sword of Creation and Transformation gather under the highest order to shift and shape you into your fifth dimensional self.  It is now time to activate the celestial magician within, allow the Sword of Invisibility and Magic to assist with this great task and reclaim your power now!  In doing so, the intergalactic connection between the Sword of Mystery and your divine source of power will manifest.  Allow the veil of the shadows that tends to hide our inner worth to lift, revealing the creative being within.  The Sword of Wisdom can now emerge as you reclaim the Wisdom that was once bestowed upon you.  You already know all there is to know.

The moment of truth is now upon us, as the Swords of Faith, Creation, Transformation, Invisibility, Magic, Mystery and Wisdom are ready to embody to the depths of your soul, revealing the new you that’s on the brink of reality while releasing and thanking the old you for the wonderful memories and lessons along the way.

The Seven Swords Initiation is your Rites of Passage into spiritual adulthood.  From this moment on, you will begin to shed the masks that bind you to the lower dimensions and embrace your true self as only God knows. Your journey has been anticipated from the higher dimensions for quite some time as everything that is God anxiously awaits your arrival into the Golden Age!  The Mighty Swords of God are here to honor your divinity in this place and time and your Ascension into their Space and Time!  

The time is now to reclaim all of the qualities of each Sword.  So as you take a glimpse into their reality begin to embrace and embody the mystical qualities each of the Seven Swords carries. As you do so allow the veil that binds you to the lower dimensions to lift as rising above is the only way to receive the true blessings that are around you!

The Seven Swords of God are anxiously anticipating your arrival to the fifth dimension!  The Mighty Swords of God are here to light the way and to carry you through your most difficult times.  Use the swords as protection, guidance and motivation to push through the dense dimensions into the glorious after life where only God and goodness resides.   We the Mighty Swords of God carry with us everything you need to be all that you already are.  We are your salvation to the oneness within.  We the Mighty Swords of God will whisk you away to divine inner bliss cutting through the ties that bind and shedding light on the areas in hiding. We the Mighty Swords of God are here for you and for you only.  We are here to be your confidant, your motivating factor to move, move, move through the lower factors that bind you to a non-existent reality into the one and only true reality.  Rise above and beyond to your true home, you can find it by looking within and only looking within will it find you.

The Seven Swords Initiation is your rights of passage into God’s world where living your divine destiny is the only option there is, so feel the energy that surrounds you.   Blessings for a new beginning are yours to have.  Feel the presence of the divinity within, feel the powerful presence of each sword and embrace the qualities we bring to you.  Dimensional portals were opened just for you and now feel the swords as we carry you into our world where your highest reality is anxiously awaiting your arrival.  The swords are thrilled to greet you, return that excitement by embracing with passion and divine intention all of the mystical qualities each has to offer.

The time is now for your soul to begin a journey to the highest dimensions to be blessed by the Seven Blades of God!    Shed the masks that hide your inner light, your uniqueness, your worth.    Wake up and embrace the new reality that’s around you, step through the vortex of shimmering lights as angelic beings anxiously awaits your arrival and your willingness to shed all lower reality from your being.   You are what you’ve been waiting for so stop searching and looking for something higher, you are already all that you need to be, step into your oneness now, step into the light, become your highest God self now, no longer can you ignore the wonderful gift that you are. 

The Seven Swords of God have been around you for quite some time contemplating their arrival into your space and time.  It was with great effort and love that they stand before you today, willing to take on all of your worries, hopes and fears in an effort to give you a new start to all that life is.   Allow the swords to cut through despair, slash open depression, and sear disappointment as none have a place in the reality you are heading in.  No longer will you entertain these entities release them now into the ethers, release them now from your spirit.  Allow Archangel Michael to come through with his Mighty Sword to continue slashing any and all imbalances that may exist, they are no longer welcomed in this place and time. 

The portal of change is now open to all of you who choose to step through it today.  Close your eyes now and imagine going through a tunnel of multi-colored light, allow the strength of each sword to carry you through.  Embrace the Power that the Swords have to give, feel the energy and the strength as they are now yours to carry home.   As you embrace the powers of the swords you are embracing your own inner strength to carry through, to cut through all of the rigid realities to the one and only life that was promised to you. 

The time is now to reclaim all that you ever were on ever dimension throughout all space and time.  Reclaim, reclaim, reclaim, every aspect of yourself, every God-given talent and character, Reclaim, Reclaim, Reclaim, the moment in time when you knew all there was to know.  Reclaim, Reclaim, Reclaim, your inner spirit full of child-like wonder and embrace this child within.  Begin to feel the Seven Blades of God pressed against your heart, igniting, igniting, igniting compassion for all that there ever was. 

Reclaim your place at the high throne of God by becoming your infinite self as no other can fill this seat.  Allow the water to wash away any fears or connections to your lower self you are now flowing freely.     Leap now without worry from the depths of your soul to the magical realm within, the Wind will carry you through, gently gliding to a place you call home.   Nurture yourself in your new home as it materializes right above this planet earth.  Feel the presence of the Fire within, ignite, ignite, ignite your inner glow.  No longer can you hide from the wonder that you are.  Witness the sparks of the divine as they celebrate your oneness with the infinite spirit.    

Can you see the treasure that you are?  The Mighty Seven Swords of God, 100 thousand Angelic Beings, Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Azrael, Ariel and Raphael are all witnesses to the fact.  Feel, Hear, See all that is around you on this dimension and all others.  No longer is your spiritual vision trapped between dimensions.  The veils are now fading allowing your connection to the other side, to your side of life to grow stronger.  Feel the earth tremble as it gets ready to embrace you as the treasure that you are.  Step into your power, step into the light.  The Mighty Seven Swords of God are now infused within your being.

Wield the power of the swords, embrace the swords, become the swords.  You are now the Sword of Faith!   Rise above to your new standing in life, rise above to the new you.  Conviction is yours as you gather power, strength and fortitude to carry through.  You are now the Sword of Creation!  Feel the stars surround you as the wind carries you to a world where peace and love reigns day and night.  You are now the Sword of Transformation!  Allow the rain, the teardrops from above to mold you where you stand.  You are now the Sword of Invisibility, only the purest of heart can see your beauty, reveal yourself in a moment of time where heart and desire merges as one.  You are now the Sword of Magic! Standing on a mountainous cliff, as you leap allow your dreams to glide you safely home.  You are now the Sword of Mystery! It is here your faith will allow your worlds to be created and transformed invisibly and magically.  You are now the Sword of Wisdom, as faith has carried you to a place of creation and transformation where you can choose to reveal all that you are to a select few while creating a magic filled life full of mystery.  You are now all that you ever need to be, tap into your power now!